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Welcome to JAPAN 2024

【 about Japan VISA 】


I think Tourist VISA is 3months possible .


Maximum we need until 2nd Oct.


Then early get is 2nd July to 2nd Oct.


Please please don’t late for preparing VISA.


I saw many times Concert were cancelled by VISA problem on Indian artist.


I think better that pls check what you need for get JP VISA  in March, April.


Also if you need from my side, please tell me early.


My caring point is , 


- Guru ji Ragini ji are famous Artists. Then the embassy think not Simple tourists….



 Tourist VISA can’t make money.


 Then you will be like a simple Tourists. For passing.


 In Japan , You will perform, but it’s not for Fee , Money ,,,,this is for public info.(Because tourist VISA.)


 I will pay sure it by my hand or sending it.

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